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JEE Main can be cracked with a sufficient amount of hard work and healthy study plans. One can easily crack the exam by avoiding minor mistakes. JEE Main requires lot more preparations compared to other competitive exams. One cannot be negligent while attempting the paper, which will affect the exam score. To clear JEE Main, one can focus on JEE Advanced too. This will help to improve the scores and make the exam easier.
The different vital points to be noted before one attends the JEE Main are:

  • Time management- increase speed.

A student who prepares for JEE Main should be very keen about time management. One should be familiar with the practical ways where one can utilize time well. A single second will also play a vital role during the exam time. With continuous practice, one can be faster in solving problems which can help one to attend numerous questions.

  • Syllabus- NCERT

Always go with the relevant sources. The references which one takes to follow should have the updated syllabus. The best books to refer are the NCERT textbooks which has more vital information. One should not go for all possible solutions. Few books follow different patterns which may confuse the student at the final stage. Don’t go for books with exclusive JEE Main or Advanced solutions, instead have books with the whole syllabus. Also, go through the whole syllabus at least one or two times so that all the topics are familiar.

  • Multi-tasking

Students should have the flexibility to mould themselves to the need of the hour. One should follow a particular pattern to solve problems. JEE comes with the latest updated versions of questions which demands a high amount of presence of mind. If one gets stuck in between, say in any one question, they should not stop and waste time, but just move to the other questions. One should be sorted enough to solve any problem in a fraction of second. The more practice one does, the more efficient they will be.

  • Mock tests

Go for regular tests that improve the speed as well as knowledge about the subject. JEE Main needs regular practice for solving problems and answering multiple choice questions. For mathematical problems, takemore number of tests that can help in precision and improve speed.

  • Concentration

JEE requires more presence of mind, which helps in answering a large number of questions in less time. Proper attention and concentration will improve problem-solving ability. Concentration improves while covering more topics and being familiar with them. This also helps students to manage the time well during the exam.  There should not be any minor mistakes from the side of the student.

  • Question banks and previous year question papers

Have a record of all the previous year question papers of JEE Main. This helps to get an idea of the question paper pattern. Also, JEE Main follows and repeats a pattern of questions every year, which can be useful for gaining more marks easily.

  • Avoid small mistakes

JEE Main is easier, but it becomes more tactful if not answered with care. The JEE Main exam is an objective type one which welcomes several minor errors. The minute mistakes may take away more than 15 marks from your overall score. One should remember that there is negative marking for every wrong answer. So, one should be attentive while choosing the correct answer.

  • Sit back and relax

Exams will be tiring if one does not give periodic breaks. In between the studies, take breaks and get engaged in leisure activities. This helps in boosting your concentration level as well as memory. Before attending the JEE Main exam, have a relaxed mind, and make yourself comfortable. One need not rush in the last minute. So cover all the topics and do the revision prior.

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